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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Facebook is for looser???

apercer nie beb kate FB is for looser?
actually saya sangat tertarik dengan artikel yang saya petik (sebenarnya kopipes jer)..haahaha
bukan apa, sekadar joking jer kot an~..paper pon..baca

10 Reasons Facebook Is For Losers

I am on Linked In and have over 800 contacts.

I use MyBlogLog and today I checked and have 713 contacts.

On Stumbler, I have over 100 friends and add about 5 a day when I want to.

I have 6 - six - contacts on Facebook.

What's up with that and what does that have to do with Needing Money?

Facebook has replaced MySpace as the hottest social network in the universe. Nope, I don't have numbers to back that statement up, but I think it is true.

friend came over for dinner a few weeks ago and he told me 1% of all people on earth have a facebook account. I wonder if some of those people in countries outside of the United States even know what a "facebook" is? They did not have a facebook at my college or place of learning, so the word was new to me too.

Anyway, some people who do internet marketing swear by Facebook. They claim they can make all kinds of money somehow or another using Facebook. I read a long post from some guy who wrote all about using flyers and getting 5% click thru and a bunch of other things. Then he said that his money making only worked a few times before his account was deleted. Fun.

Here is why Facebook is for LOSERS and it has nothing to do with making money. (I am just tired of hearing about Facebook and why it is soooo neat.).

1) Facebook specializes in bringing people together with their former classmates

I hated high school, so why would I be interested in seeing what "nobody I was ever friends" with is doing now? Most of the people onFacebook look like losers now, so what is the point?

Further, I think I am still friends with one person from college. Again, why in the world would I want to dig around on Facebook and see what people from college, whom I was never friends with, are up to now?

2) Facebook's interface sucks


If I join MyBlogLog or LinkedIn, I can find all kinds of people and websites from the "get go". I don't have to join, I can just start searching.

Go to "Its Free, anyone can join". Nothing else to see. Yes, you can go to the Find Friends and search by a topic or even drill through names, but that's it. You can see a picture, but if you want to know anything else, you have to join.

To compare, go to Linkedin. Go to the bottom of the page. Enter in a name and bingo, you have the full profile of the person you are looking for, even if you are not a member or logged in.

3) The Wall

Who gives a rat's butt what you are doing today or this minute? People write the dumbest things like "I am using the bathroom" or "just changed the baby's diaper".

Now think about it. What kind of person finishes an activity and quickly runs to their computer and puts a post on their Wall? L-O-S-E-R, that's who.

4) Facebook is a time waster. 

A friend revealed to me today, she spends 1-2 hours A DAY onfacebook. Some of it is spent looking up old friends (losers from high school). But most of her time is spent trying to sound more interesting than the other people on her friends list.

So she makes up stuff to put on her wall like, "just finished reading Obamas book" or "Tutoring the baby in French while listening to Mozart". And she it not alone. I read lots of nonsense like this on people's walls like "working on my spiritual drumming", "finding my inner self", etc...

Its all made up. Losers just post what ever they think their little group of friends will believe that day.

Um, I think it would be a better waste of time to eat bon-bons and watch soap operas all day.

5) Everybody lies on Facebook

If you are divorced, you are "suddenly single!"
If you are out of work, you are "starting your own business!".
If you live at home, you are "homesick and visiting your parents!".
If you are not married, you are "single and loving it!"

Everybody has a great life on Facebook. What a place for losers.

Still want to stay on Facebook? Then get smart with Facebook! Get the Facebook Strategy Guide!  

6) Why would I want to network with my sister, co-workers or customers in the same place? 

Facebook is for everyone! Which means my family is on facebookalong with one or two of my coworkers, someone from another company I really want to work for, a few of my customers, ten losers from my high school, a lady from church, the next door neighbor and the guy I play golf with.

Do I really want all of those people to potentially know each other through me? Talk about the walls between your world coming down.

That sounds like the beginning of a nuclear network meltdown. Divorce, shootings, home invasions, ughh.

7) Facebook is full of middle aged people trying to hook up with that guy or girl from high school that for some reason, they think has frozen in time and still looks like they did when they were 17. 

Nothing screams loser like that.

8) Facebook is the MySpace of 2010

Just wait. In a few months you will be getting friend requests from some girl named "Jazmin" and a guy name "Pimp-O-Dellic" neither of whom you know.

Then there will be sparkly, bling a bling wallpapers for Facebook.

Finally, the last straw will be when ten people named Odinga from Nigeria want to friend you and tell you about the $10M you have in their bank that they need your help getting out of the country.

9) Your Facebook membership serves only to make the owners rich with your self absorbed content. You get nothing for your work.
There is no revenue share for your content, your life, your posts. They put ads on your profile and bank the payback. You get nada, loser.
There is no linkback, SEO benefit, no way to build something better and money making outside of Facebook.
Nobody is going to hire someone from Facebook. "Hey check out my wall. I need a job, man".
Try LinkedIn, The Ladders, heck Monster. At least that is where employers might look.

10) 10 years from now, you will be embarrassed about all the stuff you put on Facebook. 

But because it is the internet, it will be there forever..

You can throw the diary away from grade school.

You can burn your yearbooks.

You can pretend you never dated that guy with the Camaro your junior year.

Facebook lives forever. With all of your Wall posts, friends, everything.

Now you understand why Facebook is for losers...
hahaha..joking jerk yer~

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